Registration in FEZ JAFZA
for enterprises of production and trade

More than 25 years ago in UAE was signed a decree on creating Jebel Ali Free Zone. This decision played a great role in establishing Dubai as a meaningful place of trade in the East. A number of companies in this zone rose from 19 in 1985 to more than 7000 that are working there today.

Jafza became one of the biggest free zones in the world which brings 20% of Dubai’s GNP.

Perfectly strategically located at the crossroads of trade routes Jafza connects companies from around the world.

Its port is the largest container port between Rotterdam and Singapore, the loading in which is 15 million containers annually.

Cargo-Airport in Dubai is on the 8 th place among the world's busiest.

With its extensive highway network products are delivered promptly to the regional and other markets and the railroad connect Jafza with all the Arab peninsula.

Today more than 100 companies from Fortune Global 500 call Jafza their home.

This region meets the requirements of all companies regardless of size, industry or sector.

Entrepreneurs from different countries are united here in the ecosystem, in order to reduce costs, find new opportunities and increase their overall success.

Here ease of doing business reaches a new level as the filing paperwork occupies minimum amount of time, so you can quickly and easily start your business.

At your disposal:

- Warehouses for storage and production;

- Showrooms for presenting products;

- Office space matched to individual needs;

- Ready to use business centers;

- Also all of these facilities can be tailored for the unique needs of your business.

Among the plenty of these bonuses Jafza:

- provides 50 years warranty on the 0% corporate and personal taxes;

- does not put any restrictions on hiring;

- makes no currency restrictions;

- gives the right to the repatriation of capital and profits;

- offers long-term contracts;

- eliminates customs duties on goods imported to or produced in the FEZ;

- offers becoming an onshore UAE company and therefore to use all available tools of business anywhere in the world.